As an aside, read a Millennial sport story here, about a baseball coach in a league for 10 year olds who had his pitcher walk a good player so that they could get the cancer surviving crappy player up to bat. Goodness.

Interesting thing? I know this guy – we all know him. The one who should never be allowed to coach kids.

Yes, I have seen him many times. He appears in many sports, soccer, baseball, hockey. He is everywhere. Wondering how to recognize him, here are a few ‘signs’ for you to look for:

1. He is usually very loud, questionable hygiene and found saying ‘You need to start toughening them up early, life ain’t going to go easy on them!’

2. He is clearly compensating for a lack of something else.

3. Income level ranges, but ultimately, he pines for the trailer park. That is why he will often skip away late at night and watch reruns of Trailer Park boys, secretly wishing that he had his own trailer park.

4. He is some type of failed athelete. The common story goes like this ‘Oh yes, I was on my way to <insert pro team> when I blew out my <insert body part>”. Favorite song? “Glory Days”, Bruce Springsteen.

5. Parents who sadly drive to see their kids ‘Go to the pro’s’ surround this guy and think he is great. Guys like me? I lodge formal complaints and get him booted …

Life is too short for these kind of things.

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