I do not know where I heard this, but someone said “Evil starts with people saying ‘It’s just business'”.

What a thought provoking statement. Google takes this seriously, their corporate mantra is ‘don’t be evil’. Read about it here.

If you ever doubted the truth of this statement, watch the DVD The Corporation or read about how IBM sped the Jewish Holocaust while profiting from sales to Germany and the Allies.

A thought to ponder as we go about our daily ‘business’ from two perspectives:

1. As we go about, what we do to people through the process of ‘business’ has an impact. We impact them economically, socially and emotionally. Are we proud of what we do and how we act? Do we make people’s lives better.

2. Always remember, you are a number to a company. Act like a Personal Services Corporation and the lines between ‘They need me and owe me’ and ‘I am valuable only as long as our relationship provides mutual value’ will never blur.

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