When touring a place for a quick stop. We passed by, stopping for 10 minutes to walk the terrace. (Config: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8)

2013 11 24 Terrace of Elephants_-13

It was a place where the old Khmer held events.

The 350m-long Terrace of Elephants was used as a giant reviewing stand for public ceremonies and served as a base for the king’s grand audience hall. It has five outworks extending towards the Central Square-three in the centre and one at each end. The middle section of the retaining wall is decorated with life size garuda and lions; towards either end are the two parts of the famous parade of elephants complete with their Khmer mahouts.

2013 11 24 Terrace of Elephants_-11

The entire terrace is covered in elephant carvings.

2013 11 24 Terrace of Elephants_

A view along the length of the terrace.

2013 11 24 Terrace of Elephants_-77

2013 11 24 Terrace of Elephants_-8


I would have liked to get to some of the older outlying buildings, but there was no time.

2013 11 24 Terrace of Elephants_-85 I am sure that the Siem Reap area is covered with unexplored buildings.

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