As I mentioned in a previous post, driving in Bali is different than in South American countries. In Bali every meter has some form of life jammed into it. I don’t know how to describe the press of humanity, at every corner and every meter. We just stared out the window and watched as scene after scene passed by. A few observations ….

You would see bottles of Vodka or other large glass alcohol containers at the front of many stores. It is not Vodka, it is petrol. I saw very few gas stations except in the more modern towns. Correction, these are the gas stations.

2013 03 25  _

As in most 3rd world countries, their use of the scooter was impressive.

2013 03 24 Bali _-1

And helmets were discretionary, as were the number of passengers.


Surprised to see a little bit of Canada, on a remote road. Life insurance anyone?


The shops are visually fascinating with ornate carvings, huge pieces of wood for tables and the most amazing doors.

2013 03 24 Bali _

We were feeling extra safe at our hotel (Westin Nusa Dua) as there was a big conference going on. There were military and police everywhere.


I understand that a few different Presidents were in town, with impressive motorcades.


One morning we took a walk outside of the tourist campus (As you can see above, very clean and well manicured). The economic collapse has hit Bali also.


I stopped at this abandoned shopping complex to take a few shots.



Things are tough all over.


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