For the Mt. Batur part of our Bali trip we did not hike the volcano (another time), but we had lunch at the base. It is a beautiful sight.

The view from the restaurant.

2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-33

Glad we didn’t hike it. We would have gotten soaked. A storm was on the way in.




The rain hit just was we stopped for fruit at this stand.

2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-45

The colors were spectacular, even under a very grey and growing black sky.

2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-46

2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-50


2013 03 24 Mt Batur_-53

If you are in Bali, make sure that you try all of the different fruits. Some will surprise you and you probably won’t see them again.

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