The top of the Mori Tower in Tokyo has the museum, a viewing deck (of the city), a Disney exhibit and restaurants. After the museum we took a look around. It is a great view.

We looked at these apartments (Roppongi Hills) when we were trying to find an apartment in the summer. It has a wonderful gym and pool but your kids have to be 16 or older. I could not imagine saying “see you in a bit boys, heading downstairs for a workout and swim” so we moved on.

2012 11 19 Mori Tower_-20

Hey, there is my apartment! Up and to the left, or is it the right and down?

2012 11 19 Mori Tower_-19

I almost never get into the pictures. As it was just Narda and I, a photo was taken.

2012 11 19 Mori Tower_-14

The tower from a different angle.

2012 11 19 Mori Tower_-37

2012 11 19 Mori Tower_-8

They make plastic food of everything. At least you know what you are ordering.

2012 11 19 Mori Tower_-65

If you happen to be in Tokyo, I would put the Mori Tower on the list.

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