You cannot go through Kitchen Town without enjoying the plastic food. A very robust industry exists as many, many Japanese restaurants display plastic food in their windows. I am not sure that it is an effective sales strategy, as it doesn’t look very appetizing to me.

I am not sure what this is supposed to be, but it would not bring me into the restaurant.

2012 08 09 Kappabashi _-58

Everyone likes pizza. Even extra cheesy pizza. In fact, so much cheese that the slice is suspended in mid-air.

2012 08 09 Kappabashi _-59

Of course, beer. And if you look at the below, this is how beer is poured in Japan – with a huge head.

2012 08 09 Kappabashi _-64

There are also little statues of Japanese raccoon-dogs all over the town. I saw these in a little antique shop.

2012 08 09 Kappabashi _-65

A fun side trip. Set aside a couple hours to just look around.

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