We have a few of traditions that have developed slowly over the years, the most important being that we ignore all Christmas music or references until December 1st, the day after our son’s birthday.

A few other elements which are becoming traditions:

  • A pantomime. This started in England and continues. This year we are seeing Ross Petty’s troupe perform The Wizard of Oz. It does not matter how old you are, a great family affair and I will always be one of the loudest ‘Booooers’.
  • A Christmas Story. Sure, there are lots of great Christmas movies. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Elf, The Sound of Music (They escape during Christmas don’t they?) and of course those ones from our youth, Charlie Brown .. Rudolph … Little Drummer Boy and many others (Although animated, rubber character holiday shows seem to no longer be in vogue). But I always come back to this one. Every Christmas … it makes me laugh; the Red Rider BB gun with mom’s warning echoing through the house “You’ll shoot your eye out” and the double dog dare. A true classic … irony being that I had a BB gun and my mom wouldn’t let me keep it in the house for that exact reason (smile).
  • Great music. I have referred to a few of my favorites in the past and every year I buy a new CD. This year it is Michael Buble Christmas. We will see if he can stack up to my number two,  Harry Connick and my favorite .. BNL.

Let the music begin .. and let the snow stay away until the 22nd (smile).

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