I have never really seen an Atlantic storm in person before this week. When I landed on Tuesday night, Halifax was deep into it. As my cab drove me to the hotel, he slipped and slided so I reassured him; “Seriously, it is already late. I do not need to get there fast. Take your time” just as a car whipped by at 120 KM/hr only to go sliding down into the ditch a few minutes later (Reminds me of the saying “Go slower to go faster”).

The next day I looked out the window as the day progressed and commented “Well, if I cannot see the bridge, then I am stuck”. An hour later …. No bridge (It was crystal clear an hour before this picture).

Halifax Bridge Snow

It was amazing to watch the storm drive into the city. Another example, watching the hotel across the street slowly disappear as captured by my phone …..

Halifax Blizzard 

Halifax Blizzard 2

I had heard about it. Now I understand it.

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