Walking through the airport I stopped at the photos of the crumbling buildings, curious about their origin. DK Photography is a collaboration of artists:

The DK Photo Group is a collaborative effort, drawing together a group of photographers with similar interests. We have joined together to create this site to bring our vision and our photographic art to the world. We hope that you enjoy it and can find the same fascination with decay and abandonment that we do.

Our urban world is filled with so many structures, some forgotten and others well-loved. Why are some saved and others left to die? What stories do these buildings have to tell, what scenes have these stones witnessed? Why are city-zens so obsessed with erecting their monuments in metal and brick – and why do they so carelessly abandon them when they are done with them?

We prowl the areas where most will not go. We do this to bring back the images that we feel we must share with the world. We want others to be able to see what we have seen, what others do not want you to see. The rot, the neglect, the careless abandonment. Some would just bulldoze them into the earth, forever burying their stories.

As a gallery they are closing, but their Flickr site is fascinating. You can see their photo stream here. Sad to see so many beautiful buildings falling into disrepair, but beautifully captured. A bit haunting.

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