I enjoy technology. I enjoy reading about it. I enjoy the frustrating process of participating in a beta. I enjoy watching trends and working out how they will have a benefit in business and/or personal life.

But one piece of technology I have really struggled with is the eBook. I have not jumped on the bandwagon. I was given one as a gift. I have the Amazon Kindle Android app on my Samsung Tablet. But I don’t use them. I have only bought a single eBook. I have been wondering if I am missing out, am I falling behind?

Now, I do read on my tablet. I subscribe to a plethora of blogs via Google Reader, my favourite being HBR. I subscribe to a host of podcasts including the BBC World News, BBC Business News, Wallstreet Journal and others. But I just don’t buy eBooks – and I finally figured out why.

It hit me while on the plane reading the paper version of How The Mighty Fall.  When I read a business book, I read it like I am back in University. I bend pages, I underline, I write in the margin and I even highlight on occasions (if I have a highlighter handy which is almost never). I look at that book as a reference tool, a lesson to be leveraged when I face a future decision or question. I cannot count the number of times I have dug through The First 90 days to refer to a lesson. I realized that an eBook cannot provide that same experience (even if it is searchable).

Which led me to a simple conclusion. For me, business books require paper. Personal interest books can be an eBook. Problem solved.

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