At our son’s play in the fall I was frustrated by not having a high aperture (Higher than f/2.8) lens in my kit. After much research I landed on a Sigma 50MM f/1.4 lens for low light, family get together type scenarios (where I do not want a flash). It is a great lens and I am getting accustomed to it. I also landed on the walk-around upgrade, a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8. It is a bit heavy, but crystal clear. A couple shots of holiday lights.


2010 12 19 Christmas_-1


2010 12 23 Christmas_-2 

The only thing is that a comment on the propensity for the Sigma 50mm lens to go off focus has me analyzing every shot … I took these of Kipling, our Bengal, camping in Ayden’s Saxophone case.


2011 01 08 Christmas_


2011 01 08 Christmas_-5

Cool lens. Much to learn.

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