A few articles from the interweb which caught my interest.

  • I read a very interesting article on Quebec independence in Sharp magazine’s December issue; Separation Anxiety. Fifteen years ago, Québec came within a hair of secession. Now the separatist movement seems to have all but disappeared. When did Québec become part of Canada again?   I remember that night, sitting by the TV as Canada held its’ breath. We were just about to buy our first house and one of the news commentators mentioned that rates would go back into the teens … Thankfully for all of us, it didn’t happen. Canada and Quebec are better as a team.
  • Waxing cross country skis has not changed much in the last 70 years. Just ask Edmund Cloutier, Printer to the King’s Most Excellent Majesty (Circa 1941).
  • A Christmas Story is my favourite Christmas movie and I never grow weary of it. For many of the actors, it was their greatest work.
  • According to 70,000 respondents on an entrepreneur.com survey – 53% of people believe email is still the most important form of communication, 40% say it somewhat important but still needed. In the same magazine, another article states that email is making us stupid. I am sure there is a lesson in there.
  • YouTube posted their Top 10 for the year (Excluding music videos) making up for more than 250 million views. In ITV’s annual comedy review, they pointed to two videos which may not be the most watched, but are definitely some of the funniest; the X Factor ‘punch’ incident and Phil Davidson for Stark County Treasurer.

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