As I walked through Costco a couple days ago I noticed that they had moved all of the fitness equipment out from a hidden corner into the center – high visibility – high volume aisle. People flocked, circling the equipment, many with a resolution in mind. The new year is approaching …..

For me, crossing the year is simply another opportunity for reflection, that often centers on my family. I simply look at the pictures of our boys as toddlers and then look at them now, the start of the teenage years and remember to make the most of every moment. Something that does not always happen – that is for sure.

The year ends. It has been an amazing year. We are very fortunate in so many ways. A new one begins. It will be amazing also, because we choose to make it that way. Mistakes will be made. Risks will be taken. Things will go the right way, things will go the wrong way. But in the end, it is going to be another great year thanks to goals, not a specific date.

Have a great year end … living in Canada, we are very fortunate, very blessed and 2011 will be what we decide to make it. Good health, good fortune.

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