Interesting reading the reviews on the new show Undercover Boss, about CEOs going undercover in their business. It doesn’t get the best reviews:

The show’s premise is that wealthy CEOs are currently out of touch with their companies and don’t understand how their decisions impact their employees’ professional and personal lives. The events on the show are clearly planned to get this point across. For example, bosses are strategically paired with employees who have sympathetic and/or distressing life stories. The show also draws specific attention to some of each company’s more inadequate corporate policies and highlights any hostile and/or sexist environments that are created when some of these policies are enforced.

I watched the first episode on Larry O’Donnell, President of Waste Management going undercover. As the review points out, they ‘happen’ to place the CEOs with people who had distressing situations (One with a missing kidney, a woman doing 3 jobs and about to lose her house, another woman who drives garbage trucks and isn’t allowed bathroom breaks).

In the end, if a few people’s lives were improved (In each case, during the debrief, the President did something for them) why not? The question is, if they went back will Larry have altered a few things personally?

Interesting premise, but not sure it will last (One was enough for me).

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