Our family just came back from 10 days in Costa Rica. It is the 16th country that the boys have been to and a truly amazing place that lives up to all of the rave reviews. I am just finishing the photos and will post over the coming week.

As we passed the days in Costa Rica, I became more curious of the roots of country. Where has the culture evolved from? Flying in to San Jose at the end of the trip, I was left wondering, what do people do for a living beside tourism?

Looking at this house, in the middle of the jungle, I wondered (as I had done many times during the trip), is it a agrarian, subsistence level living? How do you earn money living in the middle of the jungle?

20100323 1552 Costa Rica 

When we were on our kayak trip, we passed by this fellow’s home on the shore of the ocean. Our guide explained, probably one of 30 people over 10 km. It sure looks like a subsistence or ‘living off the land’ living.

2010 March 17 Kayaking_-15

Reading the book The History of Costa Rica (which was written by a Canadian) was very enlightening (although poorly written). The country is the only stable country in Central America, virtually devoid of civil war that has plagued Central America (except for one notable action by the American William Walker in 1854). They were quick to adopt universal education, medical care and the socialist mentality. And as this sign points out … they have not had an army for a long time.

2010 March 17 Kayaking_-2

It seems to be working. I was speaking to a farmer who had the opportunity to go to University (his sister speaks 6 languages), and he has returned to the farm. It is not a life filled with the North American luxuries, but he seemed happy.

2010 March 17 Kayaking_-3 2010 March 17 Kayaking_-4

But then again, this is his backyard …

2010 March 17 Kayaking_-26

Loved learning about their culture.

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