As part of the move back to Canada, we are moving back into a North American size home. Which means a lot bigger. As part of that, we will now have a rec room for our soon to be teenage boys to hang out in and a TV is required. So I surfed around a few traditional electronics sites and then hit SuperShopper to see if there were any good deals.

There was one. A 60’ Pioneer plasma for $1,000. That was a good deal so I sent an email to the person. I found it odd that they did not include a phone number, which was alarm bell number one, with the price being alarm two.

I received the following email back that night at 1:32 a.m. (or around 7 a.m. Africa time):

hi,ok but  I am sorry,  I am now out of the town with business,so if you want we can arrange the deal via eBay,i will email eBay to create an invoice for payment and shiping details,the transaction is insured and secured,so let me know,thanx

Uh. That seems odd. I responded:

Hi Julie;
Not interested unless I can see the product. When can I see it?


i am sorry the product is with me,i will be back after sep,and i want to sell the product until then,so the only way will be via eBay,also i have refund options,and the shipping is free and insured ,so let me know,thanx

OK. So let me get this all straight:

1. You are away on business for the next 3 months. That seems odd.

2. You have the product with you. You are carrying around a 60’ plasma? But you will ship it from the aforementioned location where you are doing business?

3. I cannot see it, but you have a refund option if you ship me the product and I don’t like it.

I wonder if Julie is related to the Nigerian prince that keeps emailing me asking for my help in getting his $20M out of the country.


  1. Thanks John – I absolutely will. It looks very funny. Maybe there are some tips on how to make some money hidden in there (smile). Cheers

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