When you are travelling across the ocean once or twice (or in my case – a lot over the last 2 months), you get caught up on the latest movies (I figure I can churn through about 100 emails per movie). The International, Marley & Me (which made me want another lab), The Wrestler (My brother will be crushed, he always thought wrestling was real), Valkyrie (which I turned off after an hour – when you know the outcome why bother?), to name a few.

But two shows left me unsettled:

  • Taken: The story of an ex-CIA agent searching for his daughter who was abducted by Albanian criminals who sell women as slaves. Liam Neeson slowly churns his way through the bad guys to find his daughter just before she disappears forever. In the end, the obvious happens. But what I found unsettling was the fact that this stuff actually happens. We all know that the slave trade still exists, that eastern bloc women come to the west with a promise of a job as a maid and are forced into other things. Very unsettling movie.
  • The Trials of Ted Haggard: I know this is a big deal, and it is bound to be a topic that people get very emotional about. I did not know the story but can recall the noise around this one. If you are not familiar with it, read it here. To summarize, preacher rises to fame, preacher commits a sin which becomes very public and falls from grace. A story played out over, over and over again. What was disturbing about this one is how he was dealt with it. The HBO documentary follows him and his family around as he tries to find a new way, after being banned from his home. He is not like some of the other famous preachers that we have all read about who have the million dollar homes and associated luxuries. He comes across as a rather humble man (obviously assisted by his current circumstances). But I was left wondering, what about forgiveness? Why was he banned from his home and state for a year and a half? You watch as the man and his family are slowly but surely torn down, brick by brick with not many forgiving souls nearby.

One final movie which I hummed and hawed about watching but must absolutely recommend is Frost/Nixon. Great insight into one of this centuries most dubious characters and how a talk show host brought out a confession when every newsperson in the world couldn’t even get close.

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