I cannot understand anyone who does not love Christmas music (a debate I found myself in the middle of yesterday). I am a big fan of Christmas music. How can you not get in the mood?

Of course the season leads to the inevitable list of ‘favourites’ or ‘must have’ Christmas CDs. MSN had this list which made me scratch my head? Where is the Barenaked Holiday? Where are Bob and Doug? Was this list created by a Canadian because if it is a Canadian portal, a true Canadian would never put a Mariah Carey ‘anything’ on a top 10 list. And for goodness sake Harry, it is your 3rd Christmas album. Enough already – go make another Jazz album or star in a sitcom or something. Anything.

Personally, I am sticking to my top 6 that you can find here:

  1. Barenaked for the Holidays: It takes 1 or 2 listens before you get into it but it is still a family favourite. The Elf’s Lament is worth the purchase by itself (Who else would sing about the elf’s plight as forced labour? I can just here the elf calling out ‘But I wanted to be a dentist!
  2. When My Heart Finds Christmas, Harry Connick:  His first and best album. Ignore the next 2.
  3. A Very Special Christmas 3:  I bought this for one reason, Sting singing I Saw 3 Ships. Could listen to it 100 times.
  4. Bruce Cockburn Christmas: Bruce, sitting somewhere in Northern BC, strumming along. Borderline country (which leads to vigorous internal debate on whether it deserves to be in our home), but skates to the border and comes back. It is NOT country. Nice to see that he is not slinging a rocket launcher at Christmas.
  5. Great White North, Bob and Doug Mackenzie:  This reminds me of my youth. My brother and I wore this album out when we got it for Christmas and who doesn’t want 2 French toasts and a beer for Christmas?
  6. White Christmas:  Bing. Love yah big guy.

Of course, after listening to these, it is off to watch the best Christmas movie every made: A Christmas Story. Let the debate begin.

Update: Looks like Bob & Doug are being made into a cartoon. Fantastic. Enjoy this 12 days of Christmas video. A Canadian classic.


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