I had a bit of a shock last week when I cranked up the new copy of Call of Duty, World at War. I cranked it up because the boys love Call of Duty, but whenever it is an older rated game I go through and check it out first.

Good thing I did. While it is a kick ass game, the initial cut screen of the Japanese solider beating the American captive with a bamboo stick and then jamming his cigarette into his eye was enough to pull the game from family general circulation. Same as Gears of War II and maybe Fable II (I need to look into that one, there is a reference in a review to prostitution and a number of other questionables). I remember when one 10 year old came over and explained how his parents let him play Grand Theft Auto. I just shook my head.

It is all about being active and not letting a company dictate what you allow your kids to do. A rating isn’t enough.

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