I turned 40 last week. The most common question asked: What will you do to celebrate your 40th? Some people head out and drink themselves into a stupor. Some people go on a special trip.

My answer is that I took it easy, watched my oldest son in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Think it is confusing watching Shakespeare performed by professionals, try watching a bunch of 11 year olds), had a wonderful dinner and an amazing Ben and Jerry’s cake. I could not imagine a better birthday.

What I did not enter into is an introspective stage on my life so far, that is something I try to do regularly. I did reflect on how fast time flies by. I was on the Weening family website the other day and looking at pictures of our extended family (190 and growing) … time flies by. I am fortunate so far, I do not have the Weening white hair which generally shows up around 30 (smile).

Michael MISC 36

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