We built our first pool when our son was less than a year old. A shedload of thought went into child safety as we had heard more than one horror story of a child unattended and drowning. My mother told us the story of my brother and I playing in one of those tiny little round pools (with 12" of water) and the phone ringing. She ran in, told the caller she would call back (no answering machines in those days) and ran straight back out to find me holding my brother under the water. As he turned blue I proudly proclaimed ‘Look mom, Brad is blowing bubbles’.

For us, the second planning factor was our big moronic lab who would do anything to get in the water. I can still remember when we was 9 months old and he jumped into the open water of a Toronto river in -20 weather. He walked out with icicles instantly forming on his belly, shook once and dove back in.

With these goals in mind we set to building a child and dog proof pool. With regard to the children we proudly proclaim success. With regard to the dog and one almost drowned squirrel – we failed. The dog was in the pool more often than we were and the squirrel required 2 months of rehabilitation.

It would now appear that our efforts to save the children are being augmented by new child drowning training. Take a moment to watch this video, you will amazed. If we had known about it when our children were young we DEFINITELY would have taught them (while also fencing in the pool). If you know someone who has a young child – pass the video on, they will thank-you for it.

2005-07-20 13 2005-07-20 16

We will miss that pool and I miss my buddy.

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