I was reading a very interesting article on the weekend about fire alarms. In this story a family was saved by their young son who woke up as a fire erupted from the dryer downstairs. The family of 5 quickly vacated the home, no one was hurt and the fire department arrived quickly. I have heard that dryer fires are common (lint build up).

They had a fire alarm. It had no batteries in it. Amazing.carbon_monoxide_detector.jpg

In our last house, we had fire alarms that were linked into the alarm company (total cost – $25 per month to monitor). We also had carbon monoxide monitors. In our new home, the previous owners were American consulate people who appeared very paranoid. The house is like Fort Knox: highest quality locks, fire alarms in every single room and a state of the art alarm system.

The only problem? When the batteries start to go, the go in mass. A few weeks ago, one went .. then another .. at one point, I had 6 spread out on the kitchen table. In the end, I just replaced all the batteries to be done with it.

A pain, a little bit of investment but worth every penny.

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