Our son’s birthday is coming up and the question always arises, what to do with 10 energetic boys that results in our house not being turned upside down? We were pondering taking the boys to a laser tag place when I came across the Laser Challenge Pro in Costco.Image of Laser Challenge Pro

I am always skeptical of these types of toys. My ‘inner child’ wants them to work but my adult logic knows that there is a very low probability that they will work as promised. Often, they are very breakable or the quality is poor or they just do not work as advertised and quickly end up on a shelf to await the next garage sale.

So I bought 2 boxes (Each box contains 2 lasers) to test. The logic being that if they work we will take the money that we were going to spend on laser tag, buy more of these and run the game around the park. This also lets us keep the lasers (smile).

It was Saturday afternoon, an overcast day, threat of rain (But no snow!). Out we went, drawing the neighbor boy into our game so the teams would be even. Will they work?

After about 10 minutes, a resounding yes:

  • We tested distance and the 75M range is real (This involved me standing away from the 3 boys and each of them shooting me, they quite enjoyed it)
  • The tracking system is brilliant. If you get shot 10 times, your laser shuts down.
  • It allows you to play free for all or in 2 teams (The lasers are orange and white, so you can split it up by teams)
  • There are multiple shooting options, single shot or full auto. When your ‘magazine’ of 25 shots is empty, you have to stop and press the recharge button. Every detail is covered.

I am sure that the neighbors found it funny watching me running around with the kids and a laser, but who cares. That is what life is about and it was a ton of fun (and good exercise). 

A very cool toy. A definite step up from what my brother and I used as kids – a stick. Oh, to be a kid again …

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