I was recently at a meeting in Wales, UK. When I first was told that I was going to Wales, I responded ‘Where is Wales?’.

The response was ‘cheeky git’ and this link. To which I responded ‘Isn’t this Greenland?’ (No response).

It would appear that the Welsh are very independent (Seems to be common on that island) and that there is tension between the English and those from the Wales area. In fact, one gent told me that years ago he walked into a Welsh pub and they refused to serve him.

The English also find it ironic that you have to pay a toll to get into Wales but get out free.

That being said it was spectacular. The cliffs, the beaches, the ocean and the sprawling landscape were breathtaking. Unfortunately, it was too rough to travel to the offshore island where the seals and puffins live. The Bishop’s Palace was spectacular. Of interest, it was built in the valley so that raiding Vikings would not see it and come inland. Amazing.

These pictures were taken, in the rain and wind, on my HTC Windows Mobile phone. Not bad.


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