I was travelling last week and had my first ‘gel’ incident. It was early (At airport for 6AM), I was tired and when packing at the hotel forgot to toss the shaving cream and toothpaste. I got pulled over by the TSA. The conversation went like this as she opened my toiletries bag:Her:  “Well, here is the zip lock”

Me: “Yah, oops. I should have put the stuff in it. I was rushed packing and forgot”

Her (Clearly miffed): “Yes, if you would have taken the time then we wouldn’t be here would we? I wouldn’t have to go through and search your bag!”

Me (smirking and finding her little outbreak humourous): “That is true mrs. But then again,  I would have missed this wonderful opportunity to enjoy your company at this fine hour”

Her (not smiling): “The zip lock is for a purpose. Use it next time and carry it along with you outside the bag”

Me (smiling): “Sure. Will do. Got it”

Her (looking at my gel container): “Well, this is going to have to get confiscated. It is 5 OZ and the limit is 3 OZ.”

Me (smiling and thinking, I have taken that gel container through no less than 7 security checks and they never caught it .. I was expecting them to  take it a long time ago .. but my theory held up, that with only one item and my carry on suit case turned sideways (thereby making the XRAY more jumbled as it was looking through more stuff ), it would go through. Oh, the faith I have in airline security!): “I know that. But if you will look inside, there is probably less than ½ an ounce. It is almost empty”

Her (snarling): “It does not matter. It says 5 OZ, so it stays.”

Me:  “Come on, lets be logical here. Look inside, it is almost empty”

Her: “That is the rule”

Me: “Well, wouldn’t want to logically apply the rule of 3 OZ now would we?”

Her: Not amused.

Me: “Well, bye bye now. Have a nice day”

My companion (As we turn away): “You know, it is not good to be a smart ass with airline security”

Me: “I was not. Just being happy this wonderful Friday morning”


Now, what I did not say is this: “Can we put the 3 OZ logic to work? What if I were to have 3 OZ and my 6 companions had 3 OZ. Can we not get on the plane and pool our ounces? Give me a break, let my 9/10ths empty 5 OZ container on”.

That is not my original thought, I saw it on SNL a few weeks ago. Watch the TSA Training Video here … LOL funny.

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