In my humble opinion, two laws that can never be broken:
1. The Bill Hertha mulligan rule. This rule evolved over a few years of playing golf with Bill as he learned the game. The rule goes like this:
“If you shoot a crappy shot and take a mulligan, you will repeat the crappy shot” So true.
2. If you are having the round of your life and you count up your card and realize that you are having the round of your life, it will quickly change into a doomed round. You will start thinking ‘If I just do this, this and this then I will .. oh, my goodness, ok .. I need to calm down, just do what you have done before .. settle down .. wow, I could shoot a X .. just need to get this next par .. ok, and swing .. OH NO, not in the trees .. ok, if I can hold this to a double and then birdie, I can still do this ….’
Case in point, what happens when you don’t add your card:
When I was golf crazy, I never added my card mid-round. Bad karma. My low score was an 80 on a challenging course (Blues – 135). I missed a 3 footer for 79 to finish the round (Proud to say it was only my 5th year of golfing). I shot that 80 because I did not know that I was playing so well and I was having fun. As I like to say, if I had known that the 3 footer was for a 79, I would have taken at least 5 minutes lining it up and then missed it.
Case in point, what happens when you do add your card:
At the golf-a-thon (See other posts), on my 4th round I was playing great. We started our game on 16, and after 3 holes I was 1 over. We moved to the front nine where I went 5 holes to a dead even (Two birdies, two bogies and a par). I then read my card and realized I was playing to 1 over after 8 holes. I then went double bogie, double bogie, double bogie (Insert bad words) and a par to finish out the 9 at 41.
Got to love golf.

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