Do you have an online subscription? Do you have a document that you want to send someone (Word) in a format that is universal (In case they do not have word)? Is there a web page that you want to save and share with someone electronically?
Well, a little know product that is part of Office 2003 is the document image writer. I use it all the time.
My most common use is for a business magazine. This magazine gives me access to their articles online, but the access expires. So, each month I go to the site and if there is an article that I would like to keep long term, I simply use the print function with Office. It exports the document to a proprietary format (That can be viewed in the Office Viewer). If you use the ‘save as’ function, you can change the format of the document to a TIF which is viewable on any computer.
A VERY handy feature.

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