Have you ever been in a pool store and seen one of those cheap pool golf toys (which are cheaply made but really expensive)? They are usually Velcro balls that you try to ‘stick’ to a Velcro island. I have improvised a great low cost – and more practical alternative. What you will need:
1. An inexpensive mat (I picked one up at Costco – $10). I don’t like the green turf type – they mark your clubs.
2. A lounger – you can pick them up at any pool store or Costco for $30-40 – and chip away.
3. A whack of wiffle balls (Pick them up at Wal-Mart or any golf store).
4. A wedge (I have a Nike 56 degree wedge that I won in a tourney in the pool house)
And – viola!  You are ready to chip away the hours beside the pool. Make sure that you create a game of ‘go grab daddy’s wiffle balls and bring them back into the bucket as fast as you can!’. Enjoy the weekend!

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