My wife and I love to golf – and we are hoping that our two young lads will get hooked. They start their Linksters program tonight.

The parental conundrum around golf clubs is what to buy? You can get Cobras/Taylor Mades for kids (Expensive) to cheap clubs (Play it again sports). Last year, I read a great article in Golf Digest on the topic and in the end, they gave 100% to only one manufaturer – US Kids for a couple reasons:
1. They are the lightest on the market by far.
2. You can buy them individually (9,5,7,P, driver, 3W, putter, etc.) No need to buy an entire set – just what your child needs.
3. They are colour coded for height (Where the Cobras and Taylor Mades are only one size) – reds for smallest, blue for middle, greens as they get older (9-10).
We did it this way for our kids – and they are great. The sizing makes a big difference (Last thing I want to do is custom fit my kids at this age! They will outgrow them too fast).

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