The fall is arriving in Japan, the trees are turning. A good day for a wander around the town that sits at the base of Mt. Mitake, Tama-Gawa.

A few mixed shot of the hike. Config Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 28-70mm f/2.8.

The view of the “rapids”. You can take a whitewater ride down the river, although they didn’t seem all that “rapid”. Config: Canon 5D Mark III with 28-70mm f/2.8.

2013 11 03 Mt Mitake_-23

2013 11 03 Mt Mitake_-2

The region is also known for kayaking. There were a lot of groups along the banks of the river.

2013 11 03 Mt Mitake_-25

Gnomes along the trail.

2013 11 03 Mt Mitake_-27

Local farmers (or what I would call gardeners) were selling their wares along the trail.

2013 11 03 Mt Mitake_-44

Beautiful time of year.

2013 11 03 Mt Mitake_-38

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