The Japanese love baseball. They are crazy about baseball. In Canada you go from town to town and see a hockey rink, in Japan it is a ball diamond.

We did our first ballgame a few months ago and it was a lot of fun due to the crowds. Did I mention that the Japanese love their baseball? We went to see the Swallows at Jingu stadium. Config: Canon G12 … in the rain.

2013 07 24 Swallows bball_

It was raining … better cover that bullhorn!

2013 07 24 Swallows bball_-20

As you would expect, the food is much more ‘Japanese’. Including some form of octopus looking dish that they deep fry.

2013 07 24 Swallows bball_-23

And of course, beer.

2013 07 24 Swallows bball_-22

A Japanese ball game reminded me of an NBA game. Whenever there was a pause in the play, up popped some form of entertainment. Cheerleaders ….

2013 07 24 Swallows bball_-30


2013 07 24 Swallows bball_-33

And of course, there was the safety angle. They had this sign behind every seat and every few innings a young man carrying the same sign would walk down the aisles warning us .. watch for balls! (smile)

2013 07 24 Swallows bball_-35

A lot of activity. The Swallows were playing the Giants and they lost badly. I would think that it was due to the enthusiasm of the Giant’s fans. They occupied an area behind left field and were insane … cheering, chanting, singing and yelling.

2013 07 24 Swallows bball_-28

One last shot. It seemed like every batter raised his leg to hit the ball. It isn’t how I learned to hit a baseball …. no torque.

2013 07 24 Swallows bball_-29

Great night out.

2 thoughts on “JAPANESE BASEBALL

    • Have not been watching.

      The funny thing is that after watching 6 innings … that was pretty much it, we enjoyed but headed out.

      Even with the Japanese craziness, a ball game is not unlike watching paint dry for 85% of the time …. (smile)

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