Our family loved Sydney. I get there frequently but have very little time to tour. I did click off a few shots while moving around the city from meeting to meeting a few months back. One meeting was held at Cockatoo Island, a place with a long and storied history.

Cockatoo Island, an UNESCO World Heritage Site,[4] is an island located at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers, in Sydney Harbour,Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

At 17.9 hectares (44 acres) it is the largest of several islands that were, in their original state, heavily timbered sandstone knolls. Cockatoo Island rose to 18 metres (59 ft) above sea level and is now cleared of most vegetation. Called Wa-rea-mah by the Indigenous Australians who traditionally inhabited the land prior to European settlement, the island may have been used as a fishing base, although physical evidence of Aboriginal heritage has not been found on the island.[5]

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-23

The water taxi out. He was late. It was raining very hard …

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-15

After my speech we headed down to the wharf for a ride back to Sydney. Luckily, it stopped raining for the walk.

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-16

Someone marking time.

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-17

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-18

The old ship buildings remain intact.

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-26

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-28

There are a few unusual cottages at the top of the island, apparently for rent.

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-21

With great views of Sydney and your own private tennis court. Hard to beat the view.

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-20

2013 05 23 Cockatoo Island_-22

Perhaps we will consider it for our next holiday.

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