Our family is not heading back to Canada this summer. Instead we are touring around Japan and through Asia, with a few trips booked already (Guam, Palau (I am crazy excited about this island) and Thailand is almost booked).

When we lived in England we had a great expat travel coordinator who booked up all of the trips as they get complex when booking excursions, tour guides, cars, etc. In Japan, no luck due to the language so I have become “Family travel booker”. It is not for the faint of heart requiring a lot of work.

TripAdvisor is my go-to guide for locations as well as reaching out across the personal network for opinions. But what has continued to be a real pain is booking flights. When you are traveling from A to B and it is not a simple connection, it gets very complex and I have spent many hours on airline websites not getting the right times or connections until I found this website: Aviability. While it doesn’t give you a “spread of options” on flights across a range of days, it does narrow down options when flying to remote locations like Palau (helped me find out that Delta is the only direct flight).

Between Aviability and Expedia, finding flights has gotten a lot easier.

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