1. Recently I had a similar experience when I realized that I would post something and get a “like” milliseconds later. Sometimes the account lead to something that wasn’t even a blog, but an advertisement of sorts, and even among real bloggers I found that the more “likes” someone dished out the faster they gained subscribers… Sometimes up to thousands within just a few weeks.

  2. I’m writing on a post about this right now. It’s great to hear that people actually care (many go like: so what, I don’t care..) I just think it’s unfair to like everything and stating they get so many likes and comments because people like their blog. I mean.. wtf?

  3. Well done! I hate try-hards. The more people plug, the more I DON’T want to “follow me, I’ll follow you?” / “visit my site!” (read: pay attention to me! me! me!) Eww.

    No thanks. Gtfo. Lol.

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