There are shrines everywhere in Tokyo. What I didn’t know is that many of them are family run, generations and generations.

Near us is a shrine with a wall around it. I have not gone in yet, and when I walked by on Equinox day it seemed closed (which is odd). I did hear drumming. I had to get going, and will return, but I snapped a few photos (usual configuration shooting handheld HDR). It looks like an interesting place for future exploration.

2013 03 20 cemetary-31

Love the flowering bushes in Tokyo.

2013 03 20 cemetary-25

The not yet “awoken” contrasted by the blooming.

2013 03 20 cemetary-33

The view over the fence.

2013 03 20 cemetary-34

2013 03 20 cemetary-35

In contrast to a hazy white sky.

2013 03 20 cemetary-2

Warrants more exploration.

2013 03 20 cemetary-36

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