Last week I was at a meeting at the Happoen Garden. The conference center and gardens are beautiful. All of the trees are not in bloom yet, but they are started. Definitely on my Fall visit list.

Today’s configuration: Canon 5D Mark III, handheld HDRs, Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8.


A beautiful open space right in the middle of Tokyo.




2013 03 12 Happoen_-15

The cherry blossoms are beautiful.


2013 03 12 Happoen_-18

I stood outside at lunch and took a conference call, snapping off a few shots as I listened.


Of course, a beautiful little shrine is tucked into the garden.


2013 03 12 Happoen_-25



I am going to have to take the family back there.

6 thoughts on “HAPPOEN GARDEN, TOKYO

    • I saw Bill .. Looks cold! -7 tonight. Spring is here and going straight to hot. Just below 20 all week. And by the 30th … Will be in full bloom. Our first cherry blossom spring

    • It is .. And right in the middle of Tokyo. So many green spaces, often hidden. They had pictures on the wall of the garden in the fall that were unbelievable. Must get back there for the fall colours!

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