As I left Seika Dormitory I noticed this …

2013 02 23 Seika Dormitory_-8-2

Those are brand new skis (3 sets) sitting on the front porch of a house .. not locked up.

I was speaking with a friend the other day and he was asking what it was like to live in Tokyo and I said the things that stand out are the cleanliness, how friendly people are (mostly) and how incredibly safe it is.

There are police everywhere, but I have no idea what they do? No guns. Low crime (unless you seek it in a seedy bar in Roppongi) and safe. The stories of people leaving a laptop or iPhone on the train and getting it back abound, children ride the subway alone and people leave their skis on the front porch and no one takes them.

A city of 40M+ .. and safe as a town of 500. A truly unique city.


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