I have been cleaning out some photos and found the very first shots I took with my new Canon 5D Mark III in the summer.  The coneflowers (Echinacea) were out, and so were the butterflies and bees.

2012 07 21_-2

2012 07 21_-4

2012 07 21_-10

2012 07 21_-16

2012 07 21_-27

2012 07 21_


  1. Hi, Michael — This is a photography-related question. Are you the same Michael Weening who took some photos in the El Rosario Butterfly Preserve in January 2020? I saw them on TripAdvisor. ‘m a writer, and my next book is about a Monarch butterfly and her migration from Canada to Mexico. I wanted to send my readers a pdf showing some of the places mentioned in the book (and El Rosario is one of them). The picture “look-closely-every-tree.jpg” would be a perfect example to show them how the Monarchs cluster on the oyamel branches. Would you mind it I used it? I will, of course, give you full credit.

    • I am so sorry Michael – I totally missed your comment. Yes I am the one. And yes, if your book is not published yet, you can use the photo with credit. If not too late. Apologies.

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