For Christmas week we headed up the coast to Hamilton Island, just off the great barrier reef. Here is my simple take on Hamilton Island after much back and forth trying to get the straight goods around tourism in Australia:

  • A wonderful resort island with the barrier reef and other tours all over the place
  • A few great and a few good restaurants
  • Hot weather (a big plus)
  • Great beaches

But …. the one thing people need to be aware of is that Australia beaches are not like other beaches (see my other posts). Australia is a dangerous place with strong currents, different threats and with several different types of jellyfish kicking around including the Irukandji that can put you in the hospital for 3 days of excruciating pain – you need to be careful.

This isn’t Grand Cayman. I think that if my goal was to head to a beach only – it would be to Thailand or somewhere like that, not Australia. Once you accept that vacationing in Australia is an “adventure”, then you enjoy what is around you.

A few shots of Hamilton Island. The view from our balcony was spectacular.



The cockatiels were very friendly and inquisitive. They are said to have the intelligence of a 3 year old. They were definitely looking for food.


They were also quite comfortable around us.


A few more views from our room at the Reef.



2 thoughts on “HAMILTON ISLAND

  1. Such a gorgeous place. I would definitely like to visit Hamilton Island one day. My boyfriend’s been, but I have yet to experience its beautiful beaches! I absolutely love those pictures!

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