While the boys were on their class trip I took a few days off to tour around Tokyo with Narda. We joined a tour group heading to Mt. Mitake. We were “tourists” in the midst of the Tokyoites on their way to work.

2012 11 20_

“Climbing Mt. Mitake” entails taking a 90 minute journey by train to the base of the mountain (with a few changes in between) and rushing out of the station to one of the waiting buses that ferries you to the bottom of the mountain. I say rush as the only people on the train were people with the same idea. Turns out that Mt. Mitake is a popular destination as people travel to the top to visit the shrines.

The village is quite beautiful, with a river running through.


At the top, you disembark at the gates, of course.


It was also fall with the trees in full color.


The journey to the top had several stages. A steep cable car ride to the first village level. This is the view from the top.


As we stepped into Mitakesan village an older gentleman was selling his wares. Only 500JPY ($6) for a fish. I resigned to get one on the way back as Japanese charcoal cooked fish is spectacular, but I waited to long .. when I returned they were gone.


The trees were in full color as we headed to the second part of the village, resting atop the mountain.



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