I carried my camera with me to work the other day/week. It is interesting how you start noticing things differently when you have your camera in your hand. A few photos from the “walks to work”

I wonder who is the boss?

2012 11 15_-10

Of course.

2012 11 19_-47

Is it the right name if the courts are clay?

2012 11 15_-7

I walk past the Chinese embassy. There are always lots of policemen.

2012 11 15_-8

I also walk past the firehouse. Like firemen everywhere, they spend a lot of time cleaning their trucks till they shine.

2012 11 15_-13

This sign caught my attention; a universal government slogan worldwide I would wager.

2012 11 15_-15

There are a lot of shrines in Tokyo. Around every bend and corner. I liked the way the sun caught the roof.

2012 11 15_-22

I think they left the “s” off this sign. Or perhaps they have great toast ….

2012 11 15_-42

And I took a photo of these “enslaved” traffic cones as a tribute to this posting.

2012 11 15_-16

Many Japanese restaurants have banners hanging in front of the doors. I am sure they have some writing of welcome or good luck on them, but I was simply caught by the way these flowed in the evening wind.

2012 11 15_-44

My destination ….

2012 11 15_-9

1 thought on “AROUND

  1. Love walking around Tokyo when I’m on vacation there. Always seem to have a can of Boss Rainbow Mountain Blend coffee with me too. Commercials must be working on me.

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