It is official, we can now call ourselves “moved in” after months of transition. This move seemed to be significantly more stressful than the move to England for a long list of reasons, but it is over. In fact, we have a 2003 bottle of Dom that we are going to crack next weekend to officially celebrate the end of the move – a declaration of victory (smile).

As I dropped a few things into our tiny little storage closet over the last week I really had to take the time to organize it to ensure it all fit which lead to a reflection on where we started from.  A big house with a 3 car garage, huge cold storage in the basement and a utility room, all stuffed full of things down to the picture below; a single rack on the right (2 racks long and 4 shelves high) and a single rack on the left. In the cold room alone I had 8 racks and the garage was racked right to the top of the 20 foot ceiling on 3 sides. It feels good to purge and achieve the goal of “no storage at home” (other than a few thing I left with the in-laws)

And the good thing is that buying stuff in Japan is difficult due to the language and the significant price differences so hopefully we will stay “stuff slim”.

Good to purge .. and as a side note, glad we brought the Halloween mummy (smile).


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