It has been a little over 3 months since we moved to Japan and I have noticed that my food preferences are changing. I still crave sugar treats (the Dutchman in me), but crave “bready” items less and have zero cravings for fast food of any type. I have also shed 8lbs. and it isn’t coming back despite my trying to eat a lot.

That is simply because of the food options here. When I was in the US a few weeks ago I had to grab a quick lunch and grabbed a sub.


I just sat there looking at it with zero desire to dig in. Lots of bread, big portion and even though it was from a “fresh baked” shop, I simply didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I sought out bacon and eggs, but the bready food that is such a staple had very little appeal.

Give me sushi, I could eat it every day and my heart will say thanks. Just looking around, that is why you see so many thin – old Japanese people – even if they are crazy for not wearing bike helmets (smile).

2 thoughts on “JAPANESE FOOD

  1. Cannot beat the freshness and taste of bread in Japan. The Japanese learned how to make the best bread, then worked to make it better. Taste vs Bulk…

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