I have not been sleeping well – up very early even with black-out blinds – due to the early morning sun (Japan does not implement daylight savings time). It was especially painful the first week we were over, I was up at all hours of the night.

But there are benefits, the Tokyo skyline is spectacular. One particularly beautiful sunrise ..


2012 07 30 Tokyo Skyline _-27

2012 07 30 Tokyo Skyline _-28

One very bright moonlit night. It was almost like a 2nd sun lighting the Tokyo Tower (which they light differently on different days).


2012 07 31 Tokyo Skyline _

Beautiful city.

6 thoughts on “THE TOKYO SKYLINE

      • Do you actually like Daylight Savings Time??
        I’m glad Japan doesn’t change the clocks … I don’t miss that at all!

        Anyways … very nice photos!

        Please check out my blog. Feel free to leave comments!

        • I can honestly say that I miss daylight savings time … It would be nice if it didn’t come streaking in at 4:30AM. Plus with the big push on conservation of energy, I cannot believe that someone has pitched daylight savings time as a way to save money on lighting.

          • Actually, after WWII, America imposed Daylight Savings Time on Japan.
            It wasn’t popular at all…and was quickly abandoned.

            A few years ago, a politician here proposed to bring it back…but he was out-voted (thankfully!).

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