I am sure that like thousands of gaijin before us, we find the prevalence of vending machines on so many street corners fascinating; they are everywhere. Our boys are busy stopping at those vending machines and sampling the hundreds of different drinks; banana drinks, traditional pop with unique flavours, a drink where you push the marble into the bottle before drinking and a wide variation of teas and coffees.

Many of these machines are adorned with anime and unique pictures. I am not sure what this vending machine is supposed to be doing, but it looks angry.

2012 07 29 Tsukiji Fish Market_-78

At one vending machine, we simply could not figure the meaning of the buttons. Your options: “YES”, “NO” …. “bunny”?

2012 07 29 Tsukiji Fish Market_-66

2 thoughts on “BUNNY?

  1. Hi,
    Saw the recomendation of your blog in Shoottokyo and decide to add it to my RSS subscriptions.
    Loved the learn more from Japan from the perscpective of a Gaijin like I hope to be someday.

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