I have been playing around with WordPress as a colleague told me my site was a little “generic” (He may have said the design is boring (smile)). His is quite intricate.

Over the coming weeks you will see a few updates. I found that Flickr badge generation an interesting way of creating a gallery.

It seems that Galleries are harder to set up than they should be in WordPress if you are not self hosted. A few tidbits were found in the official support site and the “unofficial” site.

I am on a quest of creating a photo stream across the header of my site, it seems to be harder than it should be …..


  1. Thanks for linking to my FAQ. One thing you have to keep in mind is that being on we are limited in what we can do compared to self-hosted sites using the WordPress software, but since you’ve purchased a premium theme, make sure to take advantage of all it’s features! Check out the theme’s showcase page and the premium theme support forum for Minimum. Good luck!

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