I have not been posting trip adventures as the winter this year was filled with beaches and water football. Not a lot of adventure. For March break we headed down to Grand Cayman for a break and much of the same, beach, swimming, great food and water sports.

The island does not have a lot to do, beyond diving and Stingray city. It was windy so the water was a little bit cloudy, but a fascinating experience. You jump in the water and stingrays come swimming from every direction, acclimatized to boats ready to dole out raw fish for them. They are beautiful animals, gliding through the water and gently nudging into you.



We went with Dexter’s tours and I was happy to see that the different boat captains work together to care for the stingrays. While we were there another captain came over to Dexter and asked him to help him with one of the stingrays who had a hook in its mouth.

As I mentioned, not a lot to do in Grand Cayman, but this is well worth it.


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