As anyone who has been at our house knows, I enjoy technology. The Sonos for music distribution, XBOX 360 for showing photos on the TV when people are over and now the Boxee Box for video distribution.

I had been using our XBOX for video but Media Center on the XBOX isn’t a fan of all file formats and would often lose the network connection (which was perplexing and super frustrating as it is gigabit wired Ethernet) . I tried Apple TV but was underwhelmed by the iTunes centric approach, lack of codec support and hampered by our lack of iMACs (I still bleed Windows …).

I had heard about the Boxee through Engadget but never really explored it until I had lunch with a colleague and he happened to be raving about it. Two weeks later, I give it a 9/10. It has streamed every type of media thrown at it, it recognizes and categorizes 90% of the media accurately and plays .iso files very well.

Most important? Only one minor technical issue (which was easily fixed), no network issues and it just works. I now have two ….

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