I was in Newfoundland this week and between meetings we had a little bit of time. This is my 3rd trip to ‘The Rock’ in the last two years and I wanted to see an iceberg, but they are not there yet. So my host was gracious enough to hop me out to Cape Spear, which was just minutes from our next client meeting:

Cape Spear, located on the Avalon Peninsula near St. John’s, Newfoundland, is the easternmost point in North America[1] (52°37’W), excluding Greenland (see Nordostrundingen). Unlike Semisopochnoi Island, Cape Spear is close to Blackhead, an amalgamated area of the City of St. John’s, about 1.86 miles (3 km) away. Cape Spear is traditionally considered to be the easternmost location in North America.

2011 05 25_-9

The sun was shining, and as I am told, the wind was blowing lightly (It sure did not feel light as I gripped the handle to keep the car door from flying into the car next to me). It is a beautiful spot and awe inspiring. You can feel the power of the ocean, the wind streaking over the waves as they crash into the rocks. Standing there, you could see the water move back and forth, it looked cold and ominous. This sign says it all.

2011 05 25_

I had a small camera with me and snapped off a few quick shots.


2011 05 25_-7

2011 05 25_-5

I watched a coast guard ship moving back and forth outside the harbour. I only had one thought, that looks like a really cold job.

2011 05 25_-3

Seagulls were everywhere. I took this short video of the gulls diving into the ocean to grab fish. I never knew that seagulls could dive.

Seagulls diving at Cape Fear Newfoundland

Cool place.

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